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Japanese Rice: Considerations Before Buying An Electric Cooker

Rice is one of the most iconic ingredients in Japanese cuisine. And it is surprising how difficult it is to cook your rice perfectly.

Cooking rice perfectly is not an easy task, but with the help of a Japanese rice cooker, you will find that preparing rice regularly is not difficult at all, in this article we will give you some advice on buying an electric cooker and tips to make yourself some delicious rice dishes.

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The Difference between a Chef’s Knife and Santoku Knife

Only the trained caterers know the actual differences between the chef’s knife and santoku knife but the untrained eyes believe that both are similar. There are a few important differences between these knives. As a professional chef, everyone has to understand these differences in order to select the best one for your specific cutting requirements. 

Key differences between chef’s knife & santoku knife:

Before discussing about the differences, there are also some similarities between these two knives.

  • Both are general purpose knives which are all used for the different types of the cutting tasks such as slicing, chopping, mincing and also dicing. This is why most of the professional chefs and the home makers are most commonly using this santoku knife.
  • They are made from a variety of materials like metal or ceramic. Massive amounts of the professional chefs usually prefer such kinds of the knives which are made up of the steel in order to get the higher corrosion resistance and also the maximum durability.
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How do you make Japanese white rice?

Everybody knows that the Japanese cook would have very strong thoughts on the preparation of white rice. The end result of this preparation is very fuzzy as well as faintly sticker than the Chinese rice. Even without using a rice cooker, the rice comes out more perfect. In fact, the rice is a staple of the Japanese food and also making it very simple, rather than if you don’t know how to make it. When you are thinking that you will be preparing the rice routinely, you just make use of Japanese rice cooker that will surely make your life a lot simpler. With this appliance, you can also make non-Japanese style rice as well as other grains in this rice cooker too.

Image: quick easy cook
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Substitutes for Coriander

Coriander is a special herb because you can use all parts of the plant, such as the seeds and the leaves. The taste difference between parts is very large and people who like the seeds do not necessarily have to be a fan of the coriander leaf. The herb is mainly used in Asian cuisine, but can also be found in Latin American cuisine.

Image: wikipedia

Use Coriander leaf

Image: wiki

In the kitchen, almost only the seeds and leaves of the coriander are used, but in some countries, the root is also used in the food. The coriander leaves can be used the best fresh, that way it gives the most flavor to the dish. The leaves are a freeze, but will not look so nice afterward, because the green color will largely disappear as a result of freezing, but it is, therefore, a possibility. Dried leaves are almost never used because the leaves almost completely lose their taste.

When you cook with coriander leaves, add it to the dish only towards the end of the cooking time, when it is boiled a long time it will also lose its flavor. In addition, when using coriander leaves in dishes, make sure that it is a herb that you should love,

Coriander seeds

Image: Wiki

Coriander seeds are mainly available in powder form in the Netherlands, but also as whole seeds. You need to pay less attention when using this. The seed has a much less intensive and difficult taste as the leaf and you do not have to worry about coriander seed that it will ruin your dish.

Coriander root

Image: wiki

The root of the coriander is also edible. Speaking of a versatile herb. It is often used in Thai cuisine. For example when making the red curry. It is normally not used in ‘normal’ dishes. There one uses more the leaf or seed. That has a more pronounced taste.


The taste of the coriander leaf resembles that of parsley, coriander is also family of parsley, so that is also somewhat logical. The taste of coriander leaves is much more intense than parsley and it has a bit of a lemon-like aftertaste. People who are not fans of the leaf often even taste it like soap. The seed has a much less intense taste and tastes, as mentioned above, very different from the leaf. The taste of coriander seeds is slightly nut-like, warm and spicy. read more

Do you preheat the broiler pan?

Broiler pan is an open rectangular metal container often with a frame of the metal bar inside which is used to cook food under very high heat (generally at 500 degrees) in home appliances.

A good Broiler Pans consist of two parts, an outer pan section and an upper cooking surface that is broiler plate lid. The broiler plate lid contains has some venting slits cut and small holes that hold the food as it boils while the pan below catches the drippings. Broiler pan lid has slight openings that help it keeps the hot oil and drippings contained within the pan so they don’t sparkle and burn the food base as it boils.

Broiler pan is used to prepare the meat in order to remain the juices while cooking. The result of cooking in broiler pan is very likely to use a barbecue, or small fired grill (charcoal filled). It is mostly used to cook Steaks, roasts, or various cuts of meat in this oven broiler pan in the winter time when it is too cold to cook outside. It comes in a various size to fit the variety of over as well as to complete the different cooking tasks.

The idea here is to cook food directly on the heat that helps make (cook) it evenly from all sides since all sides of the item are exposed equally.

Ovens work by emitting heat from the walls not by heating the food over a flame.

Whereas, Broiler pans cooks’ food by directly radiating heat on it. So the element needs to get red hot to release enough heat. One best thing about broiler upper cooking surface is it has the ability to extend more energy than other heating elements. As mentioned above this broiler pan is designed to emit radiant heat but in an uneven manner because it doesn’t follow the temperature dial. It gets hotter continuously until a safety regulator turns it off for a while.

The aim of pre-heating is to provide an even cooking process, which helps in ensuring the best results. In a food processor, every food recipe is designed to do a reaction towards a specific outcome as cooking itself a chemical reaction. read more