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From 1993 to 2006, Yukako ran a Japanese restaurant, Matsuri, with her ex-husband Yutaka. During that period, 3 things occurred in a short time span which made Yukako think what she wanted to do.

First it was a serious onset of MSG Allergy by a staff at Matsuri. She was a hardworking staff, and it was shocking to see her lose weight and become weak through digestive sickness. Second, it was a confession from a regular customer that he had developed coeliac disease and could not eat at Matsuri anymore. Third, it was tears from a small girl who was scolded by her mother when she tried to eat something she wasn’t supposed to from the table. The mother had no intention to make her cry, yet she was panicking to prevent her daughter from eating something she is allergic to. All of this happened within 3 month.
It might be trivial, but this was what made Yukako start Wafu.
The reason she chose organic was because she wanted to protect people from allergic reaction that could happen from processed food. These people were already having enough stress with food, and she just wanted to reduce the stress.
Because she was used to cooking for people with allergy and other food restrictions, it was easy for her to cook for vegans and vegetarians.
It is not easy to find out from the label what is included in processed food, and to secure safety for her customers, she decided to choose basic seasonings that she was sure of and decided to prepare everything herself.
She was not doing anything special, only something that you would do for your family and loved ones. This is the fundamental philosophy of Yukako’s cooking.
Regardless of the fact that she was doing special things, Yukako was introduced in magazines and newspapers. Customers increased in number, but many of them had little appreciation towards food, and only ate whatever they fancied.
After starting Wafu, Yukako faced serious problem of food waste for the first time. She could not tolerate the increasing amount of waste, and had to close the restaurant for a month.
Then, with a support of her regular customers, she started something that no other restaurant would have tried before.

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Even after setting up the first set of rules, she just had to make it stricter because people came without understanding the rule, and wanted to eat out because Wafu was becoming famous.
Yukako started getting tired of people thinking they can eat what and how they eat as long as they were paying money. Unthoughtful people made Yukako sad, and put her in real strain.
After helping cancer patients build up immunity through alimentary therapy, Yukako started to realize about the lack of dietary education. It was difficult for some patients to stick to a diet because they could not change their eating habits. Unfortunately, in some cases, that meant never seeing them again.
Even if people survived cancer, unless they change their diet and lifestyles, they will have a relapse again.
Yukako observed many sad cases.

Personally, after 3.11 (Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan), Yukako started to think in depth, what is life. So many people lost their lives due to the tsunami, just washed away by waves in seconds.
Yukako, with limited time and opportunity, want to pursue helping people live a happy and healthy life.
Information about what to eat is increasing, but how to eat is not well known. People do not know about the damage done to the body by lack of chewing.
It is important to know how to prevent sickness rather than how to recover from it. Even if you become sick, by increasing the immunity that everyone has within their body, miracles can happen. Maybe it is more effort than miracle.

It was now time for Yukako to start action.

Also, knowing the right diet habit can compensate food deficiency.
By knowing how precious it is to eat other living things, people can have more consideration and appreciation towards food. It is about knowing the food cycle, how it is made, where things come from.
If you can appreciate having food on the table, you will not waste it. You have to know how much your body truly needs. People are over eating. When you are given more than you should eat, you should know how to deal with it. Before having food waste, think how you shop, cook, serve and eat. This knowledge is the most helpful and easy way to prevent wasting food and having food poisoning.
If we can reduce excess production, we don’t have to put so much stress on land, and we can reduce the amount of hormones and pesticides used to produce food. There would be safer things to eat and people would become healthier. If we are healthy, Governments don’t have to use tax on healthcare expenditure.
To survive, we do need money, but Yukako could not change Wafu and its principles.
This is why Wafu decided to move to a next stage.
Yukako will now close the door of the restaurant, and instead, come to your kitchen to promote healthy and safe meals from your home. This could only be done by Yukako who grew up in a small average Japanese household. She will come and share a Japanese skill, ”Neat and organized “ which could change your kitchen and lifestyle.
Let’s create your own dish with Yukako, a Japanese style house keeper “SHUFU”, not a chef that only creates special dish for special occasions.

Please choose what is suitable for your situation.

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